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Discover the Gamified Sales Platform - Play2sell!

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Customers who gamify their sales


Increase sales and team engagement!

Higher sales conversion
Sellers who master all the product information have a greater chance of making a sale! Better training produces more qualified salespeople, which in turn generates more satisfied customers.
More engaged team
Gamification is a major trend in education. Traditional training methods are boring and ineffective.
Higher talent retention
With more motivated salespeople and higher sales volume, there will be less turnover, and the most talented salespeople will stay with the company!

Why Play2sell GO?

Discover why Play2sell GO is the preferred gamification app for sales training:

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When answering the questions correctly, your salesperson will receive an extra tip for their next moves, learning more and more!
Imagine your salespeople challenging colleagues to see who can answer more questions correctly in the game? That's what motivates salespeople!
Dynamic Games
Playing the same game more than once will never be the same! Each time your team plays, the experience will be unique, and the questions will be different. The game is addictive!
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What users are saying...

The game came to help us! Since we started playing, it has significantly boosted sales. It's a cool experience!
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Jhonny Blaze
Retail Salesperson
The game is very functional for what I need today! It helps a lot when communicating with the customer, whether in person or over the phone.
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Roseli (Roseli Ferreira Gomes)
Real Estate Broker
I believe that games help us to better memorize everyday things! I like this way of learning.
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Martini (Daniela Aparecida Pio De Carvalho Martini)
Real Estate Broker
I really like the game! I found it very interesting. Plus, for those who enjoy competing with colleagues, it's really fun.
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Sefora (Andrea Ferreira de Paulo Zeferino)
Real Estate Broker
Liked it! Sold two more school enrollments, using the sales technique quiz, specifically about presenting and knowing the product. When you know, it's easier to sell.
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Anderson Apolinário
Lead Generation Assistant
I have participated in incentive actions from other companies before, and I found this dynamic to be really cool... It motivates the team. The process flows naturally, and the game reinforcement contributes to that.
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Elcimar Carlos Mendonça
Lead Generation Supervisor, Sales Leader